In spring of 2017, When I Work held a Winenlightenment event hosted by Gavin Martin. The theme: Fermented grape juice...the finer things.


Wine tastings adjustable for any group of people, from Franzia-aficionados to the snobbiest of wine drinkers. 

Have you ever been to a wine tasting and asked yourself the following:

"What the heck are tannins?"
"I don't care what you're talking about. I just want more wine."
"This is a waste of my time — I already know all this stuff."
"Wine has body?"


Everyone learns about wines differently, at their own pace, in a comfortable atmosphere. Winenlightenment facilitates that education at any location, for any style of event, taking into consideration your current knowledge of wine and expectations. 

Contact Gavin Danfelt-Martin if you're interested in some wine enlightenment, at any educational level.