Branding a nonprofit startup.

Wildwood Theatre is a nonprofit aimed at unraveling the stigma of mental health through storytelling.

The problem with mental health: The world today has lost sight of empathy, making mental health a topic that's poorly received, rather difficult to talk about for some. In March 2017, David Albino enlightened Ellen Stoehr as to how and why theatre is the art of empathy, having the ability to teach acceptance and understanding through role-playing and character development. Why not use the tools of theatre to express how mental health is affecting each person.

The design solution: Create an identity system that felt full of wisdom, full of folklore; Saturated forest landscapes, dark rainy greens and smoke-filled grays. Convey a brand who felt like a mixture Tilda Swinton and Gandalf the Wizard; accepting and kind, nonjudgemental and eager to listen, wise like your grandmother and energetic like one of Peter Pan's lost boys. Evoke mystery and wonderment. Remind people of the biases they carry with them, unknowingly.

Programming Icons

To solve icon design we asked these questions: What are our key offerings? What are our areas of focus? How many? How can we create icons that align with the brand?

Wildwood Theatre Programming

The Mission: Choosing Words Carefully

Lots of copy revisions have taken place. Here's where we land today:

Mission: Our mission is to unravel stigma under the large canopy of mental health by providing a safe space where individuals can feel comfortable to ask personal questions, explore feelings, investigate social norms, and excavate truth. Understanding each other is the first step in unraveling stigma and we know that storytelling is one of the best ways we learn about each other and ourselves.

Today, mental illness is affecting all of us. The Wildwood thinks it's time to express ourselves, with the courage to be imperfect. Time to Reignite Empathy.

Web Site

After 4 rounds of web site revisions, we're at a point where it is cohesive with the brand. 

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Social Media Engagement

Impact Video

Storyboard written and footage recorded by our own team. 

Request for Stories

Are you interested in anonymously sharing your story about mental health? Please do.

Wildwood Stories