The Justice Gap:  infographic brochure serving as a take-away for more information. 

The Justice Gap: infographic brochure serving as a take-away for more information. 


The Justice Gap, Event Design

CCLI hosts an annual November event, capturing the year's successes, growth, and plans for the coming year.

Design needs: Custom infographics and icons showcasing data to use in a presentation and bifold brochure and repurpose in future collateral.

Working closely with the Executive Director, understanding what story she wanted to tell, we created a talk track for the presentation that aligned with visually compelling slides. Her presentation was about "The Justice Gap" which is the % of people who cannot afford legal services in the state of Minnesota.

Here is a sample of those slides:

CCLI Surly Event-CCLI-0095.jpg
CCLI Surly Event-CCLI-0077.jpg

CCLI is a nonprofit law firm incubator in St. Paul, Minnesota. They teach recent graduates of Mitchell Hamline School of Law to build sustainable, independent small-firm practices that serve the needs of low- and moderate-income Minnesotans.

CCLI’s mission is to increase the number of small law firms in Minnesota providing affordable legal services to clients who are financially ineligible for legal assistance through existing legal nonprofits.