An effort to summarize oneself

Designing projects as a contractor and freelancer since 2011, many would say Ellen is an enthusiastic and energizing individual with a deep fondness for people. Well versed in the realms of project management, sales, customer service, and training. Ten years in the service industry, entertaining guests and achieving high levels of responsiveness to others’ thoughts and feelings.

LN Tid-bits

Focused, task-oriented, loves a checklist. Outgoing, friendly, charismatic, creative, strong at making connections and relationship building. Relishes a space where she can be her true self. Using alluring interpersonal communication skills, very effective at bringing people together, energizing and inspiring a group or team to accomplish goals. 

LN Values

Because in nonsense lives beneficial sense.

Honoring the special, the wondrous, and the rare qualities of people.

In order to be happy, one must be flexible, accepting and able to evolve exponentially.

Snap your fingers and BOOM. That's how quick our world moves now, so it's easy to get impatient. It's also easy to feel like you need to do everything, all at once. Remember to breathe and exercise restraint: Must do. Should do. Nice to do. Which is it?

Some History

Strengths Finder

Have you taken the Clifton Strengths Finder? Everyone is doing it.

Ellen's Gallup Clifton Strengths top five themes are empathy, maximizer, woo, positivity and input.

Winenlightenment, held at When I Work for a happy hour/learning session in April 2017.

In 2013, Ellen developed a concept for an customizable wine tasting course to teach those who wanted to learn about different types of wine at any educational level, calling it Winenlightenment. She designed the concept, the brand and all the print collateral and even taught the pilot class herself — Reds and Whites 101. Since then, it has been implemented in work places as something fun to do after the work day.

In March of 2016, she was a part of a probono opportunity, working for Lorem Ipsum, that created a complete visual identity for the Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation (MCCRF). The founders of MCCRF hosted an incredibly successful inaugural gala, the Semicolon Soiree, which also required an identity. She had the privilege to work closely with the founders, creating both identity systems and corresponding print collateral: signage, auction posters, invitations, programs, bookmarks, thank you notes and envelopes.