Branding Strategy & Logo Ideation

Do you need a brand?

You sure do — every organization, small or large, should conduct a proper brand strategy exercise and implement a brand identity. Brand strategy drives the tone of voice and visual component of your marketing. A brand visually tells a story of who you are and attracts those you need to attract: the people who identify with you.

What's the difference between brand and identity?

A brand is the perception of a company.
Your brand is what people think of when they think about you. It’s your street cred, your character. Your values, your products, your marketing, your style of customer service. It could also be what kind of music is played in your store, the certain pattern or textile, the informal- or sophisticated-sound of your marketing voice, and what your best friend exclaims about when they have a really good interaction with it. Secondly, it’s your logo, website and business cards. Everything people encounter when they interact with your organization, large or small, adds to their perception of your brand. 

An identity is a brand’s set of visual elements.
A subset of a brand is the brand identity (AKA corporate identity or identity system). Just like with people, checking an ID proves you’re you and not somebody else. The tangible elements you can see when a company communicates with you comprise its identity design:

Logo, colors, fonts, icons, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, websites, packaging, uniforms, office aesthetics, promotional swag, social media, email blasts, signage, messaging. A brand style guide is a living document showcasing a brand’s evolving identity.

So, what's a logo?

A logo is a wordmark or a symbol that represents a company. Of all the visual parts that make up your identity, your logo is the strongest point of recognition. It doesn’t have to tell the world everything you do. It’s a quick tag or identifier. Picture the pirate flag: A skull and crossed bones was a quick identifier for STAY AWAY or GET READY TO FIGHT.

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